CSR management

Since our founding, our management principle has been to contribute to society. We have continued our business activities for 65 years based on this principle.

Our future target is Mission 10, a part of Breakthrough 75, our management vision for the future. We will fulfill our social responsibility to all stakeholders.

1. Sustainability

Reducing the use of materials through designs for longevity
Effective use of materials by recycling, reusing, and reducing the products that we provide

2. SDG activities

* See the link for details

3. Compliance

[Basic policy]

We value compliance in order to gain trust from society and continue to grow.Also, we establish relationships of trust with entities related to our business, such as customers and communities, through corporate activities in compliance with laws and social ethics.

  1. Employee code of conduct
  2. Ongoing employee education
  3. Regular audits through corporate governance
  4. Escalation processes