Corporate principle / Management principle / Quality policy

Corporate principle

Taking good care of customer relations,support personnel and serving with technical know-how

Management principle

Our aim is to contribute to the nation by encouraging each other, attaining steady business expansion and improving the skill and the ability of our employees to seek profits under the basis of positively promoting technical innovation and enhancing our value as a unique company by developing original products.

Quality policy

Katoh Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd. of the KATOH Group, contribute to society while offering superior-quality products and services. Under our Mission Statement of “Building strong personal relationships through communication while imparting technology and knowledge,” we develop, design, oversee the manufacturing of, procure and market slide function products. Our business is conducted by understanding the various demands of our clients, and possessing a quality excellence management system

  1. By making quality excellence our number one priority, we gain our clients’ trust and satisfaction, while securing our long-term business objectives. /li>
  2. By having a flexible training program for employees, we develop our distinct products, and meet our clients’ expectations
  3. By constantly re-evaluating current operations, and improving on methods, the continual development of the corporation is assured.