Employee introductions


Quality Control Department

It is a meaningful job!

I joined the company after working at a large automobile company.Compared to the large company, there are fewer staff, but this means that everyone, including younger staff, is responsible and given meaningful and important work.そTherefore, we have ample opportunities for training and education. Staff of similar age to myself as well as my experienced seniors provide kind and careful instructions. As a result, I strongly feel like I am growing every day.当The company handles many small parts, and quality control requires advanced skills.As I continue to study regularly, I can further improve as a quality control professional.


Administration Department

An easy place to work for women!

I send orders from customers to overseas sites and coordinate production.Currently, I am working while raising a young child. I am not working full time, but instead I am using the system for shortened work hours.I am able to work under these conditions with the understanding of my superiors and the cooperation of my coworkers, and also because the internal company culture is respectful and supportive of women who are working while raising children.I think the environment is easy to work in for women raising children.


Technology / Development Department

Challenges in new technology fields!

The company has advanced technology for mechanical design, and I have many seniors with a broad range of knowledge.I was previously an electrician, but I am also learning mechanical design and mechanical CAD.I am also trying things in new technology fields such as magnesium air batteries.Being able to be involved in a wide range of technology fields is one appeal of the company.